1980 Porsche 924 TURBO


August, 2003 

This has been in my son's possession since I bought it.  It is available for sale.  The turbo was rebuilt when we re-gasketed the engine a year or so ago.  Runs fine and is a daily driver.  It has a newly re-built transmission and of course, a new clutch assembly as well. There are receipts for the transmission to verify for you.

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These were taken August 22, 2003.  After looking at this series of photographs, you will have no doubt as to the condition of the car.


2007 - The Porsche has been sitting for a few years now.  While it starts right up, it needs to be jumped.  Also, the clutch master cylinder needs re-building or replacing.  Last year it was fine, now it will not pressure up, the clutch pedal goes to the floor.