1953 Cadillac Limousine


This is a series 75 Cadillac formal sedan.  It is black with a tan interior.  It obviously needs paint.  There is very minor rust in the rocker.  I hope you can see in the photo that is minor.  Being a Colorado car, it is extremely clean.  By East Coast standards, it is rust free.  The right rear taillight lens have been replaced with McVey's reproductions since these photographs were taken.  Mechanically, the car is fine.  It starts right up, and has a new battery.  It runs fine.  There is all new side glass.  The power windows and power seat have been restored.  The car has the signal searching radio, power windows, power seat.  I have just to many projects, and no space and no time to do them all.  If you were adventurous, you could fly in and drive this car home. 

Price Reduced $8,400.00