1937 Cord Beverly Bustle Back                           

February 2010: I need to update photos and info, the Cord has been painted and drives great.  My mechanic drove it around last summer extensively and it could be driven to your home. 


This is a beautiful car.  It is a former Imperial Palace car.  See the attached title. When I bought the car, it had been in storage and I had little history.  We pulled the heads and as best as we can tell, it is either a new engine, or very low mileage engine.  No wear at all and no carbon build up in the cylinders.  I rebuilt the radiator, put in new thermostats, and a new water pump.  The water pump alone was $1,000.00.  You can clearly see the condition of the interior.  All it needs is new carpet.  The paint is old and needs to be stripped and re-painted.  I put all new brake cylinders and a new master cylinder on the car.  The car is ACD certifiable and listed in the Josh Malks book on page 256.  The clock even works.  Many incidentals have been repaired and all it needs is for a few more minor incidentals, and a paint job to be outstanding.  I had planned to drive this car as often as I could, and the mechanicals were repaired to allow this.  The front end has been updated to the Tornado hubs.  The inner CV is Cord, the hub is Tornado.  We had new axles made that are splined for the Cord inner and the Tornado outer hub.  The other advantage to this is two fold.  It now has Chevrolet truck wheel studs, and you can put on 15� 1967 Tornado wheels, which will allow you to put the Coker wide white RADIAL tires on the car.  The Tornado wheels almost look identical to the original Cord wheels.  I had planned to put Coker 15� 215 wide white radials on it, BUT please note all of these modifications were done so that in a few hours, it can be back to original Cord.  Obviously, the extensive machining is not inexpensive; so if you do not want the update, I will have it removed and replace the original Cord hubs.  The ONLY reason I am selling this car is for domestic harmony. 

I have priced the car without the hub conversion.  This would add around $7,000.00.


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I was "crutching" it to the garage when I saw my Beverly sitting where it had been parked that morning to have access to another car.  It looked so beautiful sitting there that I had to take these pictures.  I took these on September 1, 2002 when I should have been at Auburn.  Due to my injuries I cannot drive her.

These were taken September 14, 2002.  These are large and detailed.  You need to click on them to open them.  These are thumbnails so you may choose those photos that interest you.  Using these photos you can dissect the car.  The camera flash highlighted some of the surface dust and dirt on the car.  As you can see by the tires, the car is driven.  I took these trying to hide NOTHING, good and bad.  No secrets.  What you see . . .   Yes, she needs a good detailing and dialing in, but a rust free car.

These are a few years older.


The front end was detailed in June of 2002.  That is when these pictures were taken.


A copy of the title showing the Imperial Palace ownership.

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Thank you.