1929 Pierce Arrow 7 Passenger Sedan 133" wheelbase

I purchased this car in 1989.  The engine has been rebuilt by an experienced master machinist.  It has a new radiator core, most of the chrome has been done including the radiator shell.  The wood around the windows has been restored.  The interior is original excepting for a leather section where the driver sits.  It drives fine.  The artillery wheels have been restored and it has an OK paint job.  I planned to repaint the car when I got around to it.  I have put maybe 10 miles on it in total since I bought it.  It has the same tires on it that were on it when I bought her.  There are cracks in the side walls and you will need new tires.  The car came from Colorado Springs where it was reported to have been one of the Broadmoor Hotels cars they used to take quests up to the top of  Pikes Peak.  It was acquired then by the Davis Turing Company in Colorado Springs who did the same.  It was then purchased by a private individual who owned it until I bought it in 1989.  He said he drove it every Saturday to breakfast with his friends.  

While prepping the car for paint, we confirmed the original colors.  The car is black, with maroon accent stripping.  Some of the chrome is still at the chrome shop.  I was having the door handles restored, when I found out that Dave Murray has very nice reproductions.

With a clean up of the interior, it is probably worth $65,00 to $75,000.   Make a reasonable offer and I will entertain the offer.  

These photos were taken in 2001, the car still looks the same and has not moved.  It has not been started in about a year, but I will guarantee engine condition.

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Thank you.